Last updated Feb 17, 2022


The Taxonomy field allows the selection of one or more taxonomy terms.



  • Split setting load_save_terms into load_terms and save_terms in version 5.2.7.
  • Create Terms added in version 5.2.3


  • Taxonomy
    Selects the taxonomy you wish to select term(s) from.

  • Appearance
    Selects the type of interface displayed (checkbox, multi-select, radio buttons, select).

  • Allow Null
    Allows the current selection to be cleared and an empty value to be saved.

  • Create Terms
    Allows new terms to be created whilst editing.

  • Save Terms
    Connects selected terms to the post object.

  • Load Terms
    Loads selected terms from the post object.

  • Return Value
    Specifies the format of the returned data. Choose from Term Object (WP_Term) or Term ID (int).

Template usage

The Taxonomy field will return one or more values (objects or IDs) depending on the Return Value setting. Below are some examples of how you can use this data.

Display single value

This example demonstrates how to get and display a single term object. This would imply that your field type setting is radio button or select.

$term = get_field('taxonomy_field_name');
if( $term ): ?>
    <h2><?php echo esc_html( $term->name ); ?></h2>
    <p><?php echo esc_html( $term->description ); ?></p>
<?php endif; ?>

Display multiple values

This example demonstrates how to get and loop over multiple selected term objects. This would imply that your field type setting is checkbox or multi-select.

$terms = get_field('taxonomy_field_name');
if( $terms ): ?>
    <?php foreach( $terms as $term ): ?>
            <h2><?php echo esc_html( $term->name ); ?></h2>
            <p><?php echo esc_html( $term->description ); ?></p>
            <a href="<?php echo esc_url( get_term_link( $term ) ); ?>">View all '<?php echo esc_html( $term->name ); ?>' posts</a>
    <?php endforeach; ?>
<?php endif; ?>

Display values from a selected term

The Advanced Custom Fields plugin can be used to add custom fields to taxonomy terms. Building on this, the following examples demonstrates how to load a custom field value from a selected term value.

$term = get_field('taxonomy_field_name');
if( $term ): ?>
    <h2>Term name: <?php echo esc_html( $term->name ); ?></h2>
    <p>Term color: <?php the_field('color', $term); ?></p>
<?php endif; ?>


Customizing query args

The query arguments used to find and display taxonomy terms can be customized via one of the following filters depending on the Appearance setting of your Taxonomy field.

For settings Select and Multi Select, use the acf/fields/taxonomy/query filter.
For settings Checkbox and Radio, use the acf/fields/taxonomy/wp_list_categories filter.

Customization of Text

The text displayed for each taxonomy term can be customized via the acf/fields/taxonomy/result filter.